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The PLEK PRO Complete Setup includes:

PLEK PRO Computer Scan of your Acoustic or Electric Guitar or Bass, Trussrod adjustment, Computer controlled fret dress, setting the desired string action, nut slot cutting, tune and intonate using the Peterson Strobe tuner, tighten all hardware, polish the guitar body, hardware, frets, clean and/or re-oil the fingerboard and re-string with the desired string set. Please understand that the guitar, prior to the initial scan for this service, must be pre-strung with the same gauge strings as are to be on the guitar after the final setup is complete.


They will be discarded and it would be necessary to charge for a temporary string set and the labor to install them. Coated strings are fine as the "final" desired string set, just not for the initial scan.

The PLEK PRO Complete price is $210.00
(Add $45.00 for floating tremolos, Add $85 for Stainless Steel frets)

Because there are so many different player preferences, strings are not included in the price but may be purchased from us or provided by the customer. Note: Nut replacement is not included. Any other necessary repairs will be additional and shall be pre-authorized by phone.

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